If you’re looking for an event speaker who is steeped in Biblical truth, speaks with humility and authenticity about knowing Jesus, gives vision for overcoming because she overcomes significant obstacles each day of her life, and is altogether relatable and warm, then Jennie Harclerode is the perfect speaker for you. Jennie isn’t afraid to share the messy details that Christ uses in all our lives to build our dependence on him. Each time I’ve heard her speak and teach, I look around the room and see that her message of hope is met with nodding heads, broad smiles, and, many times, tears of understanding.

I’d also encourage you to consider inviting her to sing as well – whether leading worship or singing songs that relate to her message, Jennie is a true worshiper with a true talent.

I am confident that Jennie will help your event attendees to leave encouraged and with more hope than they came with, and determined to press more deeply into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.
— Diane Moore- www.dianemooremedia.com
I was invited by a friend to hear Jennie speak at a ladies luncheon. I could listen to Jennie speak all day. She has been with Jesus. Joy radiates from this sweet spirited woman. I loved hearing her story of how she came to deal with her chronic illness in a way that brings glory to God. She draws near to Him and it is obvious that He draws near to her. She has a beautiful story to tell and I am thankful for her transparency and willingness to share it so others can be encouraged. In her teaching session, Jennie speaks truth in a way that anyone can relate to -whether you have a lifelong illness, a temporary struggle, or even if life is going alright for you at the moment. She brings the Scriptures to life! First she gives you some solid historical background on the text. Then, she explains the verses and then tells you simple ways to put those Biblical truths into practice right away! All of her instruction is soaked with love, grace, wisdom, and encouragement. I highly recommend her for your next ladies’ event.
— Suzanne Williams- retreat attendee- Salem Bible Church
Jennie was an absolute professional from the first moment we began communicating with her to speak at our women’s event of over two hundred ladies. Her message was clear and concise but most of all authentic. Our ladies are still talking about how encouraging her words were. She told us her story but the main character was Jesus. Her faith and hope in Him are so evident even though her circumstances have been tough. I would absolutely recommend Jennie as a speaker for your next event
— Sandra Lankford- Event Planner,Living Hope Church, Langhorne, PA